Open Source vector nesting

created by Jack Qiao

What exactly is "nesting"?

We have some (2d) parts to cut and a piece of material, we want to arrange the parts to use as little material as possible. This is a common problem if you use a laser cutter, plasma cutter, CNC machine etc.

In computer terms this is called the irregular bin-packing problem

How much does it cost?

It's free and open source. The code and implementation details are on Github

My SVG text/image doesn't show up?

Nesting only works for closed shapes, so SVG elements that don't represent closed shapes are removed. Convert text and any other elements to outlines first. Ensure that outlines do not intersect or overlap eachother. Outlines that are inside other outlines are considered holes.

It doesn't ever stop?

The software will continuously look for better solutions until you press the stop button. You can stop at any time and download the SVG file.

Some parts seem to slightly overlap?

Curved shapes are approximated with line segments. For a more accurate nest with curved parts, decrease the curve tolerance parameter in the configuration.

Space between parts


Curve tolerance


Part rotations


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GA mutation rate


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